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Published October 21, 2018 by zuzusays

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This is my life with Alzheimer’s now

Published October 21, 2018 by zuzusays

Mina has an incredible ability to write clearly about her feelings about dementia while she experiences it very personally. Don’t miss reading her blog.

Suddenly Mad

This is life with Alzheimer_s - drawing of the twins Sarah Isabel and Michael Benjamin

My son’s wife gave birth to TWINS on Thursday, October 11, 2018. They are fraternal twins, and the boy is named Michael Benjamin, and the girl is Sarah Isabel. It’s a momentous event in the life of this family, but I have yet to see them. My son has sent a few photos, and this enabled me to do the drawing. I am aware that life is about generations, and that my time is passing quickly now. Alzheimer’s is speeding up the process. I will not know these twins as I would have if I were well. They will not know me. They will hear stories from their parents and maybe they will see pictures. I can’t be the normal grandma I would have been if this disease hadn’t come for me. I know that my daughter in law is a great mother, and my son is a great husband…

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Ideology of victimhood is destroying our universities

Published July 7, 2018 by zuzusays

Nothing more to say.



WHAT South Africa’s universities have become over the past years is utterly sickening.

The inclusion of the ‘people of color’ (POC) supper, exclusively for black people, in the Decolonial Winter School program at the University of Cape Town last week was indicative of the shameful mess our universities have turned into.

Though UCT publicly condemned this act by the organisers, and the reference to POC was then subsequently removed, the saga highlighted a broader discomforting trend about South Africa’s universities: the rise of racist, left-wing movements that occasionally disrupt and divide our campuses.

The organisers of the racist supper have been unapologetic about what they were attempting to do – which was to exclude others on the basis of their race. That they are still unapologetic about this disgusting behaviour is telling.

How our university campuses have been turned into intolerant, openly racist enclaves is not…

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Thousands lose their jobs in South Africa

Published July 7, 2018 by zuzusays

And on it goes.



AT THE  end of last month, The Economist published an article about South Africa’s economy. In it, they wrote “THERE is little in the way of bright news about South Africa’s economy—and not just because power cuts are plunging neighborhoods into darkness several times a week. According to figures released on May 26th, annual GDP grew by a mere 1.3% in the first three months of this year, a crawl compared with the 4.1% achieved in the fourth quarter of 2014. Unemployment is soaring. Even using a narrow definition, it stands at 26.4%, the highest since 2003.”

These are discomforting statistics – that should frighten most South Africans, given the socioeconomic challenges we face. And given the fact that we do have potential to do much better than this.

We are in a crisis – one that politicians always underestimate in order to safeguard their political jobs.

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Love at The Bitter End

Published June 30, 2018 by zuzusays

Suddenly Mad

Suddenly Mad- Love at the Bitter End - drawing of Mimi in the garden

Writing is a way of putting things in some kind of order. It’s the attempt to be seated in my soul and watch this thing, Alzheimer’s, unfold.

Thirteen days ago was Father’s Day. June 17, 2018. It was a beautiful sunny day. I photograph with my iPhone and took a snapshot of my daughter. The drawing was made by looking at that photograph. It doesn’t do her lithe beauty justice, but I tried to capture her likeness. She looks like her papa. Oblong face and and graceful long limbs.

Father’s Day. It was an emotional day. First my son arrived alone, without his wife and baby daughter. I felt so much love for him in that moment, as soon as I saw him and hugged him. On this day I was glad to have a few brief moments alone with him. When my daughter arrived, she presented a gift to…

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Road Trip: Day 2

Published June 30, 2018 by zuzusays

ADA is not all it’s craked up to be.

typical guy, atypical situation

Today started off with a jolt, literally, when Amanda dropped my electric razor in the toilet. 13 hours of fairly uneventful driving brought us to The Lafayette Hotel & Swim Club in San Diego, only to find the parking situation a bit cumbersome, and the “ADA suite” slightly less than accessible. Luckily not all was lost: the Bobbsey Twins scored bunkbeds AND their very own chalkboard in the spare room. Hopefully tomorrow brings wider bathroom doorways somewhere else!

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