Emma Nielsen – Mind your ‘C’s and ‘S’s: The Language of Self-harm and Suicide (and why it matters)

Published March 6, 2019 by zuzusays

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IMH Blog (Nottingham)

We all say things that we don’t mean sometimes. Perhaps the time that you snapped at the end of a long day or said that deliberately hurtful comment in the heat of an argument. Sometimes these instances are easily recognisable (perhaps easily apologised for). However, often our language conveys more subtle messages as well. Even everyday expressions may carry connotations we have not considered and speak to ideas we don’t condone. The words we use when we talk about self-harm and suicide show just that; while our language can convey compassion, provide hope, empowerment and optimism, we can also unwittingly express messages that divide and stigmatise.


I’m definitely guilty of this – while I may not like to admit it, my undergraduate notes are littered with phrases that now make me uneasy. Far from meaning to be impertinent, I was passionate about battling the silence and taboo surrounding mental health…

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New Year – New You – New Me

Published March 2, 2019 by zuzusays

Chad Shipley

This is a tribute to all of you who are in the ring, in the FIRE, battling violently against self doubt, against worthless opposition, drama, and sideline loud mouths.

I hate bullies and I despise critics. I envy those who face the fire and put it all on the line, regardless of outcome. Success is in the process and putting in the work.

It’s in the pushups, not the 6 pack.

I’ve spent the last two weeks in self doubt, worrying about the views and vantage points of those that don’t matter.

Then I remembered MY JOURNEY.

1 year ago I decided to started down a physical journey.


Deep down inside, we all want vitality.

And we all want to blaze our own paths….to build our own roads.

To control our own DESTINY.

I decided to destroy the DAD BOD and to do…

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Among Heroes – Everyone’s Best Friend

Published January 23, 2019 by zuzusays

Chad Shipley

The amazing power of friendship and what it means to be a great friend. This podcast episode is a tribute to a person that I deeply admire and am inspired by. A role model that will help guide me for years to come.

And, a special tribute to my best friend, a person who has given my life so much great meaning, and someone who I had the pleasure of sharing a wonderful childhood with.

This episode holds a very special place in my heart. I hope that it touches any and all as much as the content that inspired it has touched me.

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The Struggle Within the Struggle

Published December 2, 2018 by zuzusays

Handihelp Blog

Most people have no idea what it is like to live with a disability. Every day is a struggle in itself. Some individuals are aware of the obvious challenges, most are unaware of the less obvious majority. I recently read that John McCain, whose range of motion had been severely limited by the torture he received while a prisoner of war in Vietnam, had to have another person comb his hair because he could not lift his arms above his shoulders.

Senator Tammy Duckworth Senator Tammy Duckworth

Many disabilities are visible at first glance. If the individual, when in public, presents well, seems to be in “control” and well-adjusted to their situation people often think to themselves, that’s wonderful or will say “Wow, I could never do that!” Neither could be further from the truth. First, anyone has all the abilities they need to deal with a severe crisis, already in each one…

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Don’t Give Up…. Don’t Ever Give Up

Published December 2, 2018 by zuzusays

This was the 25th year of the Jimmy V Foundation celebrated in our state and it seems like it was just last week that he gave this incredible speech. He’s still one of the most important coaches in a state that breathes college basketball.

Handihelp Blog

The other night, Wednesday 28, I turned on the television expecting to find a pre-game show for the basketball game between Syracuse and Ohio State. I enjoy watching Syracuse basketball and lacrosse and rarely miss a game. However, rather than the pre-game show ESPN was playing a tape of Jimmy Valvano’s acceptance speech for the inaugural ESPY Award. ESPY stands for Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award and it recognizes individual and team athletic achievement and other sports-related performance during a calendar year. The ESPY is also called the Arthur Ashe Courage and Humanitarian Award. Jimmy Valvano, for those of you who don’t know, was a young, flamboyant college basketball coach from the late 1960s through 1990. The high point of his career was when his team the North Carolina State Wolfpack defeated the heavily favored University of Houston Cougars in the NCAA Championship Game in 1983. I was inspired…

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This is my life with Alzheimer’s now

Published October 21, 2018 by zuzusays

Mina has an incredible ability to write clearly about her feelings about dementia while she experiences it very personally. Don’t miss reading her blog.

Suddenly Mad

This is life with Alzheimer_s - drawing of the twins Sarah Isabel and Michael Benjamin

My son’s wife gave birth to TWINS on Thursday, October 11, 2018. They are fraternal twins, and the boy is named Michael Benjamin, and the girl is Sarah Isabel. It’s a momentous event in the life of this family, but I have yet to see them. My son has sent a few photos, and this enabled me to do the drawing. I am aware that life is about generations, and that my time is passing quickly now. Alzheimer’s is speeding up the process. I will not know these twins as I would have if I were well. They will not know me. They will hear stories from their parents and maybe they will see pictures. I can’t be the normal grandma I would have been if this disease hadn’t come for me. I know that my daughter in law is a great mother, and my son is a great husband…

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