3 comments on “Oh Help

  • Hi Zuzu –

    I’d love to know this too. After 5 some-odd years of hacking my way through blogging, there is still so much I’m clueless about and that was before the WordPress block editor cratered my life.

    If you find the answer, I hope you can find your way back to me with it.

  • Oh – and I wanted to also thank you for what looks like a substantial visit you made to my story blog. You read several in a grand sweep and such acts always surprise me and humble me that someone would spend that much time on my stuff. That you read one and then clicked on another – in my world counts as a huge compliment and you made my morning.

    • My understanding is that “press this” is copying another writer’s work to your site and sharing it on yours with people who are linked to your account.

      I had saved up your posts and last night had time to read them. It’s fascinating to read work that’s based on a limited number of words with a topic. They were interesting, as were the comments. My sister is much better at writing fiction than I am. I’m good at blathering and writing to people. That’s why I’d tried blogging, but as I said I worry about people being offended or hurt. But I don’t know what the point is to write without saying what I want openly, so the conundrum. I’m working on figuring it out. Writing about the alcohol issues in my family was the bravest I’ve been. I may try a few more of these topics that I know have been influential in my life. I appreciate your comments.


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