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Change – Not Always For the Better

Published July 2, 2015 by zuzusays

Joe is right, Rich. It happens faster and in a more dramatic and limiting way for you and other quads. But as we get older the things we used to do become far less easy and painless. Add a chronic medical condition and you you have to adapt what your mind wants to what your body is able to produce. My mom told me when she was around 60, the age I am now, that she still had a 16 year old mind, but her body didn’t agree. Now with her spinal injury where she’s so dependent on someone for everything, life’s “just peachy”, as she puts it, in a totally sarcastic way.

This paralyzed thing isn’t fair or easy. There are times when every adversity we face seems to be too much to handle day after day after day with no end in sight, then days that seem filled with such joy and meaning that we have no doubt what we are on earth to do.

We know it sucks and is horribly difficult day after day. But your have so many ideas, so much good to share, give so much motivation for others who have similar issues. Keep blogging Rich, we need your voice.

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“The times they are a changin’” so sings Bob Dylan. Normally, most people believe change is good, but in my case I’m not so sure. Earlier this year, I not only turned 72, celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary, but also observed the 16th anniversary of the accident that left me with quadriplegia. These and other factors, I believe, are causing a very difficult change in me. I have alluded to it in a couple of my more recent blogs. I’m starting to feel limited as opposed to challenged.

Letting in rain take me away Letting the rain take me away Today it’s raining, so I donned my poncho and sat outside as I have a number of times. In the past, the sound of the raindrops on the nylon transported me back to a rainy day in the Five Ponds Wilderness area when the weather forced me to hold up in my tent. Usually, I could…

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Published March 5, 2015 by zuzusays

Thank you for this. Reminding people that throughout life we all go through adjustments is important. Some must face more dramatic ones, but the point you make at the end is so important – ” Remember the ability to adapt to challenges is in each and every one of us.”

Handihelp Blog

It’s early March and there is little sign that winter is even beginning to release its grip on Northern New York. We got 5” or 6” of snow yesterday and tomorrow the temperature is projected to be 15 degrees. April 1 my wife and I will be speaking to a group of therapeutic recreation majors at the State University of New York at Cortland. In preparing some remarks I began thinking about how my interaction with recreation has been impacted by my disability.

Much of my pre-accident free time was filled with outdoor pursuits often with my wife. When younger I ran almost every day. As I grew older I would go mountain biking or cross-country skiing on state land not far from where I taught. Hunting season, I was always in the woods. Canoeing and kayaking were always fun activities. Summers Marge and I would go backpacking, mountain climbing…

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1st blog on feelings

Published January 2, 2015 by zuzusays

Labeled Disabled

11/10/2014 Current Mood: ANGER

Have you ever sat and thought, What would life be like if all your independence was ripped away from you in the matter of seconds? I never did either until recently, when just that happened to me. I just passed my 2 months anniversary to my accident that forever changed my life. Sometime when I am not sick of telling the story of how I became to know life in a different way, I will tell you.

To start off my name is Shena, and I am 31 years young. I am a wife to Jeremy and a mother to Justin (12), Kaylee (8), and Ethan (7). On September 6th 2014 my life was forever changed from an ATV accident that has left me with a spinal cord injury, that we still are learning the full extent to the injury. The accident was not my fault…

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