Saudi Arabia’s “Best Kept Secret”

Published July 2, 2016 by zuzusays

Interesting information and so glad that someone is calling for their Saudi Arabia’s removal from the UN Human Rights Council.


The government of Saudi Arabia says with absolute assurance that there are no Saudi Christians in the kingdom of Saud.

But some nationals quietly worshiping inside the kingdom say otherwise; Christ is no respecter of earthly borders.

No Separation of Mosque and State

There is no separation of mosque and state in Saudi Arabia. The government follows a strict form of Islam called Wahhabism (or Salafism, to supporters). It claims to foster interfaith dialogue around the globe, yet within her borders she prohibits citizens from choosing any other form of religion. Her human rights abuses are notorious toward homosexuals, women, religious minorities, the press, and anyone else who expresses dissatisfaction with either the monarchy, or its particular expression of Islam.

The Saudi government is known for its inhumane treatment of government and religious dissenters, imprisoning and publicly lashing those who write and criticize its human rights abuses. One cannot even be a Saudi citizen if one is not a Muslim…

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