Nurses Do You Realize?

Published February 19, 2016 by zuzusays

I’d like to add that they play an important role in the lives of caregivers also. They are a comfort, a sounding board, a source of strength and although they must protect the confidentiality of their caree, the are a barometer of how well everyone is doing throughout the process of adjusting to our new lives. I too greatly appreciate the amazing nurses we’ve been blessed to have caring for mom.

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Can you possibly understand the role you play in your patients’ lives? I received a Christmas card the other day (February 10) from a woman I haven’t seen in probably 14 years. She played a critical role in my life 17 years ago when I was a rehabilitation patient at Craig Hospital. I was so scared when I got there. My stay at Craig was almost 5 months because of the stage four pressure wound on my sacrum. It was the result of being strapped to a backboard for over 36 hours. Most of the first 3 months were spent cleaning the wound to get it ready for skin flap surgery. Much of this time I was unable to speak because of the tracheotomy.
Marsha  (your hair looks fine) Marsha (your hair looks fine)

A young woman named Marsha was one of my nurses. She was beautiful, funny and had an infectious laugh. She provided…

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