Who Are You And What Have You Done With My Mother?

Published February 1, 2016 by zuzusays

Shea Companions

My former mother-in-law was always polite as I remember her. But when she developed dementia many of her behaviors changed. Her dentures began to bother her, particularly after she ate, and it was not uncommon to see her pop out her trays at the dinner table to clean them off with her tongue. In the past, this would not have occurred to her to do this but at some point this behavior became a source of embarrassment for her family; they could not make her understand that cleaning dentures at the table was poor manners.

In the nursing home where I worked, there was a resident who was quite violent upon admission. She hit, bit, and kicked the nurses who tried to help her transfer in and out of bed, or dress her, or give her medication. She was verbally abusive and yelled often. Her daughter was completely stymied by…

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