Is living beyond dementia easier with money?

Published October 26, 2015 by zuzusays

You all know I commented on this…

Living Beyond Dementia™

Dollar SignThe following is a comment posted privately to me on Facebook about my last post Living well, living better, or living beyond dementia?; ”

“Thank you!! I have heard so many negative comments about the whole “living well with dementia” campaign.  Maybe some people have money to do the things they did and are not restricted by their symptoms – I am not one of them,  I think people need to hear the good and the bad.  This life is NOT easy, but it’s NOT the stigma people think.  There is however a balance.  I love the phrase Living Beyond much better!”

This was my reply;

“I love the term too as it does not subtly negate the less pleasant sides of dementia and I agree living well is to hard for too many to accept, and reasonably so too. I’ve also thought a lot about the difference having money can make to…

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