Published October 19, 2015 by zuzusays

History must be seen with the understanding that God has a Plan, and Jesus Christ is in control.

Gene McVay On Guard


The current Prime Minister of Turkey is Ahmet Davutoğlu who was born in Taşkent, Konya Province, Turkey. There is a Konya Bombing Range in the province where I personally dropped bombs during training exercises in Turkey 20 years ago. I believe Turkey is the KEY to the end times as it was the KEY to the beginning of human life in the Garden of Eden and the resting place for Noah’s Ark as life began again. The location of the Garden of Eden is thought to be in Iraq by scholars but they are wrong just as they are wrong about where Abraham was from. Ur is current day Şanlıurfa meaning Urfa the glorious. The true Ur lies a few miles north of Haran, both in Turkey. A river flowed out of the Garden of Eden and was parted and became four rivers, two of which were the Tigress and…

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