You Are Not Your Illness 

Published August 15, 2015 by zuzusays


You are not Depressed Debbie. You are not “a bipolar woman” or “a schizophrenic man.” You are a wonderful, talented, unique person with gifts and talents to bless the world with. You may have red hair, blue eyes, be allergic to bananas and have bipolar disorder. You may be a person who loves to paint and who suffers from depression. Who are you?
Your mental illness is one aspect of your life. It does not DEFINE you. Do not let it. It also does not make you defective, less than, damaged, or inadequate. You deserve love, just like anyone else. You deserve success and happiness. You might be different, but different does not mean broken.
You may feel like you are cursed, but often times in life our curses are also our gifts. Do you ever think if you didn’t have your illness you might not also have the capacity…

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