NSA: An Open Letter to Ambassador Bolton

Published July 9, 2015 by zuzusays

I totally agree with what you say here. Especially since Sept. 11th the government via the NSA has been far too happy to take away our freedom in the name of security. Most citizens don’t understand that is a bad trade since it only leads to enslavement. They also don’t understand that our government is incompetent when it comes to handling security issues, gathering intelligence (that even sounds funny), and coordinating agencies to use that information in any effective manner.

This can’t all be blamed on the NSA when the Administrations and Congress they’ve had to work under have micromanaged them, and when more often their agency, as well as all military operations, are being “run” by social and broadcast media.

When Ambassador Bolton offers his commentary he is giving his opinion based on his knowledge and experience, and from conversations with people he knows. I appreciate his views on foreign relations, especially in the Middle East, Israel, Russia and North Korea. I appreciate his strong stance on dealing with illegal immigrants and countries that are hostile to the US. It’s those ideas that I support, and with that basis he would be driven to push for changes to agencies like the NSA, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security so they actually did their jobs effectively and concentrated on the right objectives.

No one knows everything, but Bolton has lots of experience in multiple areas based on his background and associations with people. I don’t see much of a personal agenda since he’s not running for office. But I will pay attention to what he says about the NSA and I never support anyone who wants to collect random info on American citizens, or anyone else. Thanks for the referral to this blog.

Gene McVay On Guard


Dear Ambassador Bolton: Try reasoning out your support for illegal activities. If NSA had immersed itself in protecting U.S. Citizens instead of spying on U.S. Citizens, things would have been much different. If NSA had aggressively ferreted out our enemies, 911 would not have happened. If the bureaucrats had not been asleep at the switch, the Khobar Towers Bombing would have been foiled, the USS Cole would not have been attacked, the Boston Bombing would have been stopped and North Korea would not be a Nuclear Power today. If NSA had not been obsessed with tapping your phone along with the phones of every member of Congress, every Federal Judge, every CEO, every Governor and every News Reporter, thousands of Americans would be alive today. Osama bin Laden would have been found and the whole Afghanistan War could have been avoided. Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Ambassador Chris…

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